An Essential Oils Diffuser, Your Very Own Stress Buster!

Use of an essential oils diffuser is considered a form of therapy. Aromatherapy is a wonderful method to help soothe the human mind and relax the body. Thanks to science and technology, that has helped prove many positive effects over the years, this form of therapy calls for use of fragrances to help create a healing effect on both the mind and the body.

Essential Oils are concentrated liquids that are extracted from plants, flowers or herbs and act as an agent that provides fragrance to perfumes or even added to food in the form of essence, to help enhance flavor. Use of these oils is now a growing trend especially with aromatherapy. They could be used during a relaxing massage, a soak in the bath tub or used in a reed diffuser.

How is an Essential oils diffuser helpful?

essential oils diffuserAn essential oil diffuser is perfect for dispersing the aroma all across the room.

This form of aromatherapy can be easily used at one’s work place, at home, in hotels, restaurants – in fact, wherever its beneficial effects can be enjoyed. Depending on one’s state of mind; one can choose to use a particular fragrance to help alter or set the mood.

However, these have many uses and can be used to for so many purposes, everything from treating a terrible cold and running nose, to having a tranquilizing effect on a stressful day or just help pump start your day with an energising fragrance.

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Essential oils are not just limited to use in a reed diffuser, they can be used in many different ways – for example:

  • Steam – The inhalation of the vapor from a few drops of the chosen oil added to very hot water can be very effective when inhaled for respiratory problems or a cold. Steaming your face can help with skin problems such as acne too.
  • Tissue – A few drops of the oil on a Kleenex or other paper tissue, can help too. Whether you want to use this for a cold, to calm you in a stressful situation or just as an aid to relaxation or sleep, using essential oils on your tissue means you can take the benefit wherever you go.
  • Electric – Electric diffusers are also available on the market, they might use a heating device such as a small light bulb to warm the oil which makes it diffuse more readily. Some of these diffusers also have a fan that helps spread the aroma all across the room.
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A few options, one may also have to consider regarding use of essential oils are that some of them may be highly flammable, and must be used with great caution. Some, when combined with extreme heat conditions like hot water or candles have a tendency to alter the properties of the oil. A reed essential oils diffuser makes the safest and most environmentally solution for fragrancing any room in your home with the beneficial effects of essential oils.