K Hall Designs Reed Diffusers

Kelley Hall-Barr, together with her husband, John Barr are the successful partnership behind K. Hall Designs. All their aromatic products use top quality natural ingredients and essential oils. In addition to the deliciously fragranced reed diffusers that we are reviewing here, their range includes products for the bath and body as well as for the home.

Such is the quality of the products from K. Hall Designs that they are available nationwide and have been lauded in many publications, not just for the quality of the products themselves, but for their aesthetic appeal with elegant, simplicity of design and packaging. Even if you are not able to get to one of the trendy boutiques or top retailers who stock Kelley’s designs in-store, you are able to choose from a wide selection available online.

Reed diffusers are not a new addition to the K. Hall offering. In fact, they have been making them for more than ten years. One thing I particularly like about these products is that the blend of essential and fragrance oils is cosmetic grade that you can actually safely apply as a body scent should you wish to do so! The reeds are especially made for the company and are thicker, enabling greater saturation and better, more rapid dispersal of the fragrance.

I also like the fact that each product is dispatched with the fragrance oil safely sealed inside a shatterproof bottle that is amber-colored to protect the contents from light until you are ready to use it. Assembly is simple, just place the fragrance oil into the apothecary bottle made of glass (supplied) and immerse the reeds. The packaging is very well designed for transportation and the contents are packed into a sturdy tube for shipping.

There are currently lot of different K Hall Design diffusers to choose from so there is sure to be one that appeals to you and your family. This is another thing that I like about the range, many of the fragrances are cleverly designed to appeal to men and women, young and old and really make a room smell wonderful.

With economy and the environment in mind, you do not need to buy a complete replacement when the fragrance is exhausted. The same range of fragrances is available in Refill bottles. These not only save you money but also reduce waste too. K. Hall recommend that you use new reeds each time you buy a refill. Remember that provided that you wash the apothecary bottle between changes, you do not need to use the same fragrance next time!

Replacement reeds are available and as mentioned above, are made especially for the company. Because they are thicker they are brilliant at diffusing the fragrance. In a small room or confined space, you can make your diffuser last longer and economise on reeds by using fewer than supplied in the pack and saving some for next time. If you move the diffuser to a larger space or you just want to ‘turn up the fragrance volume’, just add a couple more reeds.

One of the most popular diffusers from the range, (according to Amazon’s popularity search setting) is: K.Hall Designs Lavender Scented Reed Oil Diffuser

Our verdict – we love these products because of the cosmetic grade quality of the essential oils and fragrances used. We like the thicker reeds that disperse more fragrance too – and the fact that there is a K. Hall Designs reed diffuser that will appeal to just about everyone in the wide range of aromas available.