Benefits Of Reed Home Fragrance Diffusers

Reed home fragrance diffusers have become very popular. This type of diffuser is a simple system where the essential oil rises through the reeds and the diffuser releases the fragrance into the air. The essential oils or fragrance oils are a pure and natural base for fragrances and work nicely with reed diffusers. These are the best alternative to perfumed candles which need a flame to release the perfume or scent into the air. The reed diffusers on the other hand are perfectly safe as there is no flame or heat involved and the fragrance is also free from unwanted smoke.

Using Home Fragrance Diffusers

  1. The best part about using a home fragrance diffuser is that these are completely environmentally friendly and do not require any kind of flame in order to work. They are also completely free of any alcohol content. They use natural essential oils as a fragrance base.
  2. There is no fear of messy wax deposits; no aerosols or artificial fragrances involved and no external power is required to make the product work.
  3. A reed diffuser can be placed in any room and can work for months without changing the set up. It also enhances the ambience of the place as it looks like a work of art.
  4. The set up is very easy to put up and as simple as a child’s play. The reed sticks are taken and dipped in the essential oil in a fanning out position.

You can get more tips on using fragrance diffusers here. Continue reading

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Use an Aromatherapy Diffuser to Create the Mood you Choose

Reed diffusers are now being used to bring the benefits of aromatherapy into our homes. An Aromatherapy Diffuser brings so much more than a pleasant scent to our rooms, it can be used to create ambiance, to lift our mood, to help set a romantic scene and to promote health and wellness.

Using a diffuser is a very safe method of fragrancing your home. The essential oil works naturally up the reed and is diffused into the air without the need to heat the oil with a flame. This also gives them an advantage over scented candles which could pose a fire hazard if proper care is not taken. It also means that no soot from a flame or any other toxin resulting from burning is released into the atmosphere of your home.

This method of bringing fragrance into a room does not only delight the sense of smell, it also looks beautiful and in a pretty, decorative jar can make a beautiful centerpiece for a table and a talking point too. Reed diffusers enable you to change the ambiance from room to room if you wish and they also make wonderful gifts. You can also make them seasonal, with a great range of Christmas fragrances available:

Our sense of smell is powerful at evoking memories of events and places from our past, it affects the way we feel and this has been proven in the case of people who due to a medical condition or accident have lost their sense of smell who often feel depressed or anxious because they have lost a sense which enables us to enjoy the richness of the environment around us. Imagine not being able to smell fresh coffee or enjoy the perfume of a rose.

Aromatherapy brings many health benefits and can be used to create an ambiance or mood. Continue reading

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Alora Fragrance, Alora Ambiance Diffuser To Fragrance Your Home

The story of Alora Ambiance

alora ambiance diffuser caldoAlora Ambiance products were developed as a result of sisters Annie and Therese Gibbons finding a diffuser in the window of a small local shop whilst they were living in Lake Como, Italy. They did not like the fragrance particularly but, having discovered the Italian way of using a diffuser to wick fragrance into the home (although at the time, as far as I know, it was not called a diffuser), they decided to design their own product based on this diffuser.

The result was the first three signature scents were introduced to America with the launch of Alora Ambiance in 2000. Although there are now countless diffusers on the market, the Alora brand remains the forerunner and is still the number one fragrance diffuser in Barneys of New York!

alora ambiance diffuser treThe diffuser is a deceptively simple design but Alora Ambiance products are made with great care and attention to detail and the result is a diffuser that is a stylish centrepiece as well as an effective room fragrance and air freshener.

The liquid seeps up through the reeds and is diffused from the top of each, filling the room with the signature fragrance of the Alora product you have chosen.

There are now many Alora Ambiance Fragrances and these make perfect and very acceptable gifts for any occasion. All the fragrance names are available on the Alora Ambiance Shop page on this site where you will find product links to read more about each fragrance.

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