Votivo Reed Diffuser Range

The range of Votivo reed diffusers is hugely popular. Votivo, probably better known for their beautifully scented candles, have applied their know-how to producing a reed diffuser range using some of the same, hugely popular fragrances. Amongst the most popular of these is Red Currant. This blend smells as delicious as it sounds, mixing savory and sweet, by combining the aromas or tart red currants, raspberry sugar cookies and vanilla ice cream – yum! The Votivo Red Currant variety is possibly the most popular as it appeals to both men and women.

As you would expect with any product from Votivo, these reed diffusers are beautifully made and presented with pretty packaging and the classic silver Votivo tag on the front of the diffuser bottle. The fragrance lasts a long time and makes it very economical when compared to cheaper brands that only last for a short time.

As with any diffuser, there are some sensible steps to take if you are using one in your home.

  • First of all, make sure that you place your fragrance diffusers in positions where they are safe from accidental spills or damage, either from people passing or from children or pets.
  • When you get a new Votivo diffuser, the easiest way to open it is to place the container on a firm surface and turn the cap gently counter-clockwise and pulling the cork very gently from the bottle whilst grasping the bottle firmly with your other hand. This should avoid any spills or any possibility of the cork breaking.
  • Make sure that you remember to ‘flip’ the reeds about once a week, turning them upside down so that the end that was diffusing fragrance into the room is now immersed in the container. This has two benefits. One, it makes the reeds last longer and two, it gives a burst of fragrance and refreshes the scent.
  • Because the reeds have hollow channels inside them that carry the oil up from the container so it can be dispersed into the room from the tops of the reeds, channels can get blocked or clogged, making the diffuser less effective. For this reason, it is a good idea to replace the reeds every so often. They should last for at least six weeks and replacement reeds are readily available online.
  • To ‘turn down’ the fragrance of a diffuser, just use fewer reeds. This has three benefits, the diffuser lasts longer, makes a larger diffuser suitable for a smaller room and saves on the cost of replacement reeds as you can divide the set in two and use the second half later.

As a rough guide, Votivo say that an eight ounce diffuser should supply an average sized room with fragrance for about three months. For smaller rooms and enclosed spaces, this will probably be quite a bit longer – so they really are very economical in use.

There are a few safety notes – though if practical common sense prevails, using a reed diffuser is one of the safest ways to fragrance your home. Firstly, bear in mind that because the liquid in the container is oil based, it is combustible. For this reason, ensure that it is placed well away from fireplaces, lighted candles and anywhere where there is an open flame – never attempt to light the reeds! Keep the oil away from clothing and polished surfaces as it may stain (this includes when you take the lid off the bottle or replace the reeds! Avoid contact with the skin and in particular the eyes. If you should have an accident and get any into your eyes, rinse copiously with water for about twenty minutes. If anyone in the house accidentally swallows any of the oil, don’t try to make them sick to get rid of it, take them straight to a Doctor or Emergency Department.

Votivo diffusers are beautifully made and make wonderful and much appreciated gifts at any time of the year – they are especially suitable for birthday gifts for female members of the family, as housewarming gifts and as Mothers Day ideas. For use in your own home, these diffusers represent really good value for money and come in such an excellent range of fragrances that there is sure to be one suitable for any room where you wish to place one. Click here to view a full range of the Votivo diffusers.